Rock Cove Assisted Living - Stevenson, Washington Rock Cove Assisted Living - Stevenson, Washington Rock Cove Assisted Living - Stevenson, Washington  



Jennifer Beebe


Non-Profit Ownership

The inspiration and development for Rock Cove is provided by a local nonprofit community development corporation, Columbia Cascade Housing Corporation, (CCHC). Their mission is to provide opportunities for safe and affordable housing. CCHC serves those who are homeless or at extreme risk including the elderly, the mentally and physically disabled, and women in transitional situations. CCHC sponsors 110 units providing a wide range of housing opportunities, from low-income elderly and families to transitional housing for the mentally and emotionally challenged. To learn more about Columbia Cascade Housing Corporation, visit their website at

Management Company

Concepts In Community Living, Inc.

Concepts in Community Living, Inc. (CCL) has provided management support to Rock Cove since it opened in 1998. CCL is a recognized pioneer in the assisted living field, helping to develop and manage hundreds of assisted living communities, providing consulting services to supportive housing developers, owners, government agencies and social service providers, and being an eminent voice in shaping best practices and policies industry-wide.

CCL envisions supportive communities that elevate the meaning of life, fulfill human needs, and reflect the uniqueness of those served. You are invited to join us in making this vision a reality. Please share your ideas, suggestions and concerns with us by calling  1-800-574-2254, TTY 1-866-583-6144, or sending us an email at What’s important to you, is important to us too! Find us on the web at: