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Letters From Our Fans

I knew about Rock Cove and your reputation for many years living and working in the community, occasionally visiting for various events – long before my father’s rather sudden need for assistance.  As soon as his need became evident, Rock Cove was my first choice, but I knew it might be difficult to get a room for Dad as there is always a waiting list.


Well, it was well worth the wait.  And just so you know – I did my own research ahead of time!  I talked to other families of residents and “checked you out”!  And the reviews were very good.


Our own experience though has even exceeded my expectations.   I have to admit I wasn’t prepared for all that is involved in taking care of an elderly parent, especially complicated by Dad’s increasing needs/ complications from long-term Diabetes. 


I have been so impressed with your caring attitudes, patience, understanding, and ability to get the job done even when the resident is not always cooperative.  You see that my dad is a good man, with new limitations, and you manage to have empathy and kindness. 


Most often, I speak with Robin about the overall care of my father and some of the day-to-day.  But I am there often enough to know many of you by name and see how you carry out your tasks.  I just wanted to say, on behalf of my father, Jim Bradley, myself, my 2 brothers Jim & Bill and our families… THANK YOU!!!


We don’t say it enough.


-Family Member

I am at a loss for words . . . Nearly six years ago you said that your intention was to keep my mom until the end. In spite of the odds - and many, many opportunities to renege - you kept your word. We are eternally grateful. Throughout my mom's tenure at Rock Cove, the staff has been wonderful. But at the end, everyone went above & beyond. The kindnesses I witnessed will stay with me forever.

- Family Member

Rock Cove Assisted Living - Stevenson, Washington

We want to express our gratitude for the loving care each of you provided for our friend. It was ourprivilegeto work with you to ensure that he was surrounded by love and passed from the world with the same dignity with which he entered this life.

– Friend and hospice worker of Resident

Rock Cove Assisted Living - Stevenson, WashingtonYou work to make our days as happy as possible, as easy as possible, and as contented as possible with your sweet smiles and your willingness to help us in any way you can! We thank God for you every day, every day!

– Resident


Rock Cove Assisted Living - Stevenson, WashingtonWe cannot say thank you enough times to cover our sincerest love for you - your cheerful caring dedication to your residents and guests is wonderful. We are all so grateful for all of you. You are the BEST!

– Family Member of Resident

Rock Cove Assisted Living - Stevenson, WashingtonPlease accept my sincere thanks for all of your wonderful care, advice and concern which my family and I benefitted from. I will always recommend Rock Cove in a heartbeat to anyone. When the grandchildren visited they were very impressed by Mama's apartment and the hominess of Rock Cove. You always had Mama's best interest at heart. She realized this from the beginning and felt safe and content. All of you make a positive difference in the residents' lives and their families.

– Family Member of Resident