Rock Cove Assisted Living - Stevenson, Washington  

Events & News

Rock Cove residents and staff are avid participants in community life and can be found either volunteering, collaborating or sponsoring, just about every community event on the city calendar. Rock Cove also offers some unique programs such as the GOLD program, which is an inter-generational outreach effort through the school system, creating lasting friendships between rock cove residents and school students. Stevenson area residents have come to rely on several annual events hosted by Rock Cove such as the Santa Breakfast during Christmas in the Gorge and Rock Cove's Annual Wine Tasting event. Our residents are active and involved and appreciate the opportunity to be a part of what's going on.

There is truly something for everyone at Rock Cove. We structure our social and community events around the interests of our residents. Complete schedules of on-going and special events can be obtained by calling Rock Cove. If you'd like a current calendar of our events and activities, please fill out the response form on the Contact Us page or give us a call at (509) 427-7272 and we'll be happy to send you one. 




Volunteer Opportunities

Rock Cove is eager to invite community and family members interested in volunteering their time to benefit residents either one- on-one or in group events and activities. We can find a rewarding and inspirational volunteer responsibility, large or small, for anyone interested in volunteering at Rock Cove. If you are interested, please contact Elaine Jeffries, for a volunteer application.